D200  Tower Counterfeit Detection System
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The Tower is the industry’s most comprehensive counterfeit detection system. Its revolutionary infrared detection system takes a live “etalon” image of the bill and projects it on its screen, revealing secret security marks that can only be printed by government mints. This counterfeit detector also incorporates traditional ultraviolet, magnetic ink, watermark, micro printing, and chemical pen detection systems. Additionally this counterfeit detector is equipped with an auto-on/off sensor saving you energy and time. Great for banks, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and anywhere where cash transactions take place. Put an end to worthless bills and lost profits. Stop the counterfeiter! •Multi-currency counterfeit detection •Reduces counterfeit losses •Infrared camera: •Optical magnifier •Chemical pen •Watermark verification •Magnetic and UV detection •Three-year warranty
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D200 Tower Counterfeit Detection System

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