D66  Banker Pro Counterfeit Detector (UV/MG/WM/MP)
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Protect your money with this professional counterfeit detector. The simultaneous quad money detection system checks ultraviolet, magnetic, watermark and micro-printing security features. Additionally, the D66 counterfeit detector is equipped with an auto on/off sensor, an enlarged magnifying glass and with the advantage to check for ultraviolet and watermark features simultaneously. This analyzer includes a folding stand for angled viewing to protect from UV ray eye exposure. Great for banks, bars, gas stations, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and anywhere cash transactions take place. •Compact and portable •Powerful ultraviolet light detector •Auto on/off sensor •Automatic UV sensor •Magnetic detection •Fluorescent light for watermark verification •Simultaneous UV and watermark verification function •Large Magnifier for micro-printing verification •Folding stand for angled viewing •3 YEAR WARRANTY
  • Item #: D66 Banker Pro Counterfeit De

D66 Banker Pro Counterfeit Detector (UV/MG/WM/MP)

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